DJIGo4 App Flight Records


Sorry for this silly question just need confirmation as to my thinking.

Ive logged into DJIGo4 app and checked my flight records. I bought my MP secondhand and it wasnt until i had it for a few months that i realised the previous owner had named it in the aircraft i.D. section in the app. I had flown it for about 4 hours when i realised this. Ive changed the name now but when i log in and look at my flight records i have 2 tabs now, one with my name and one with the previous owners name. I’m assuming i just add both totals together to get my total flight hours as i was logged into the app as me when flying on all occasions.

So flight logs show me (named tab) as 10 hours and previous chap (named tab) as 4 hours, all the locations are where i flew, so it my total 14 hours ? ( as an example)

Thanks everyone

ok to check have you sinked the flights with DJI?
from what your saying the flight times in the original account may be yours all held on the phone/tablet
If you link with DJI it should also grab previous flights too i would think
give it a try it won’t hurt to know how many flights he had previously

sorry can’t be of more help
someone may come along with a better explanation

For the very few flights I ever synced, I seem to have two tabs for the same drone and all are mine.

But then I stopped syncing, anyway, so have never tried to merge.

Actually they both show the same totals. Probably poor software.

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

I have synced my flights and all the locations are mine, i’m assuming the named tabs are what the aircraft i.d. was when i flew it.

I was checking as i had an enquiry for a job and the customer was requesting proof of hours flown.



If memory serves, you can delete the flights you don’t want from GO4 by simply swiping left and clicking the red trash can icon that appears? :thinking:

Are you PfCO Stuart? If so, drop me a PM, we have a badge you may be eligible for :wink:

And as a commercial operator, wouldn’t you be better off using AirData?

Yes using air data as well, but that isnt tbe same as djigo4 app either its showing less hours , hence trying to fathom out which info i need to add up


Is AirData showing less hours because it’s only showing your flights?

Or it’s missing some of your flight logs :blush:

Airdata is showing less data which seems to be because of less logs :thinking: