Do drone clubs exist? - New member - Stockport

HI I live in stockport and totally new to drones. I don’t own one and have never flown one but I am a keen photographer and videographer and I am believe learning how to operate a drone will take any of the short films to the next level. but I am struggling to find a local drone club. or is it everyman for himself. learn by trial and error?

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There’s a BRILLIANT club called “Grey Arrows” Here’s a link to it (oh you seem to have found it already) !!!
Just go and buy one (asked here for advice on which one) and then everyone on here will answer you questions (there is no such thing as a stupid/newby question by the way).

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Most people buy a drone for the same purpose as yourself … photos and video. So a “club with a single flying location” would soon become boring to anyone, as they head out to find the kind of scenes that interest them.

However, that doesn’t mean that someone is this drone club in your neck of the woods wouldn’t be prepared to offer some assistance.

Many of the popular models of drone are far more easy to fly than one might expect, so most people find a field with a fair amount of space and work it out for themselves.

Most will launch themselves into a hover and are capable of returning to that launch location and land themselves in close proximity.

Once in that hover, gentle control input whilst you work out the sensitivity is the name of the game.

When in the air they will stop and hover where they are when you release the controls … so if a little bit of panic sets in, letting go of the controls may seem unintuitive - but often the best solution whilst you catch your breath and carry on.


@sfb John, if you do get a drone, I think one of the most important things to consider is getting third party insurance. The BMFA do it but some on here (including me) go to £5,000,000 coverage for £19 (+ other benefits)
Well to Grey Arrows by the way.

Thank you for the advice. I certainly look in to the insurance, for £19 it would be silly not to.

Thanks for the advice

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Yep that was what I thought when I got my drone :slight_smile: I have copy of my policy in my Hard Case when I take my drone out with me :slight_smile: better to have it and never need it, then need it and not have it :frowning:

I just started with a basic Drone, and took it over a big field, then just flew it around getting used to all the controls, then I upgraded to a DJI Drone, and watched lots of YouTube video tutorials. My advice is slow and steady movements, and there’s lots of different angles and special modes you can shoot. I always say… the more you experiment with it, the more you’ll know.

My first thought on seeing that you live in Stockport is that you are on the final approach to Manchester airport so you probably won’t be able to launch a drone in your back garden.

I think that might be the case - but because it would contravene the Drone Code … unless you have a very large garden.

As for anything to do with Manchester airport … there isn’t any issue …

With a DJI drone, their NFZs (No Fly Zones) might, however, impose some restrictions …

The larger yellow “Class D Airspace” will spit out warnings, but won’t stop you flying.
They grey area in line with the runway will impose a lower height restriction the closer to the airport that you are, but it won’t stop “launching in your back garden”.

Map and info here …


Hi sfb I live in Birmingham UK, my suggestion would be to buy something like the DJI Mini 2 for a first drone, no need yet for a licence as it is under 249g. Lots of advice here and can fire questions at will, try to search first as you may annoy some people if you don’t lol. If you are on Face Book then why not start a local FB Drone group for your area. When Covid lockdowns are lifted enough to socially distance! It could be fun to meet fellow Drone pilots :wink:

Until next Thursday

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OK ill look into that, blinkin money grabbing gits lol

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