Do I need to include the battery on a DJI drone repair?

Hi there

I’m sending my crashed Mini 2 to DJi for a repair/replacement. Simple question really to anyone whose done this…did you send the battery with the drone. The battery wasn’t damaged far as i know so wondered if there was any point?

Thanks guys

No, just the drone.

I’d even take the props off.

And remove the memory card too (as I learned the hard way :unamused:).


If you send it ALL back - you are less likely to end up with extra/spare RC/batteries. :wink:



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If you read the returns policy on the DJI Refresh website you will see that it states not to return a battery unless there is an issue with it.

Many thanks :+1:

Hi All, if you are quite sure that it will not travel by air it could be OK. Sending any battery by air is a huge problem.