Do I or don’t I

I have a Mavic Pro and an Mavic Air, the Air is less than a month old and has care refresh with over eleven months on it , now do I buy a Mavic Pro 2 and sell the pro or sell both and buy the Mavic 2
Or last option wait till March and buy a Inspire 2 and keep the Air and Pro
I like the Air but flight time seems short after the Pro on the plus side it feels more comfortable to fly in small spaces
Would a upgrade from a pro to a Mavic 2 be a big plus
Views would be appreciated as I can’t make up my mind

If you think the Air flight time is short, wait till you get the Inspire :man_facepalming:


what do you get 20 min max
thing is at nearly sixty mph you can get to what you want to film quick. then back so really you have more time :grinning: when we have them at work unless the director want loads of takes it seems to last long enough if you have a few batteries

At the absolute very most - realistically it’s nearer to 18mins…

You can get there even quicker at 69.7MPH :rofl:

But yes, in all seriousness, I see your point :+1:t2:

Why would you want to upgrade from the Mavic 1 to the Mavic 2? (or even the Inspire for that matter) Does it / they offer you (personally) something you’re not getting from the MP1 or the Air? :thinking:

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Another point to consider…realistically you can only fly one at a time…however come November you will be required to register all drones, I’m not sure of the cost, nobody knows yet, but would you want to keep several drones registered at heaven knows what cost, just for them to stay in their case while you fly the one that you have with longest flight time,more safety features and better camera?

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I use the pro for most things I got the Air to take when i go away on holiday
I work in film and tv and often get asked to do stuff that I cant until i have my PfCO so they will get put to good use
The pro is a year old now and over 30 hours flying thats why I was thinking of upgading it

The MP2 is exceptional I must say and probably on a par with the inspire for filming. Very stable as well. Sooo you will need to look at how portable a drone has to be. The inspire is a great bit of kit, but it takes a bit more lugging about and setting up than the MP2. And then again the inspire does have interchangeable lenses. So it’s really an individual personal choice made by the type of use anyone is putting their aircraft to

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Well, Brian you swung my decision today so I went out and bought a pro2 with a fly more package :grinning:
So old pro will go up for sale :cry:
I will buy an Inspire 2 after I have done my PfCO because the people that will give me work will want to have lens changes camera ops are used to working with Inspire but I will let them advise me, most of the time I will be airborne grips


Wait and get an inspire. They are a completely different animal and an absolutely blast to fly, they keep you on your toes. A caveat (see my post “it finally happened”) they are expensive to repair and find a repairer just as difficult.