Do you post on the NATS app when flying?


Do you post your location on the NATS Drone Assist app when you fly?

I’ve only done it once, mainly because I keep forgetting about it :roll_eyes:


Used to check if anyone is around but not posted myself.


Is that because you keep forgetting @Creaky or for privacy reasons?


Because I forget most of the time.


Ha! Glad it’s not just me.

Went for a quick flight this afternoon, guess what I forgot to do…? Yup, I didn’t ping the NATS app :roll_eyes:


I use it as Barton City Airport is only 4 miles away from me, those light aircraft are really low at times.


Small world, my car club meets at the Veterans Garage once a month :slight_smile:

I’m not that familiar with the airfield / airport itself, is it a venue our club could meet up and fly out of? With the correct permission naturally :smiley:

Unsure how busy an airfield it is??


I use it because there are loads of airfields in East Anglia, plus Wattisham with their Apaches, the Air Ambulance and the Police Helo. All fly a bit low and it’s also handy to see if there are any other drone pilots about…