Do you want 3D Printed Accessory's?


I don’t suppose you could do the same for me as I get the same message.




Hi Mick/@Speedie! Welcome to GADC!

You should be sorted! :+1:


Thats fantastic - Thanks for the welcome too !


Hey @DroneUnit I’ve been doing a fair bit of 3d mapping lately, and before I go splunk a load of dosh on a 3d printer, I’d be REALLY curious (and thankful) to find out what one of these mapped models might come out like on the printer? Happy to reimburse you for your plastic, patience and postage etc :wink: if you’re up for it?

I’ve got a multitude of file types here, starting with .obj files which I think is what you need?



Going by his profile, Andy (@DroneUnit) hasn’t been seen since mid-October… not sure he’s still active?


:frowning: I’m going to have to buy a 3D printer then??? Oh well!!!


Can’t recall who, but there are a few members with 3D printers, one or more of whom might be willing to help.


@Njoro and @Jcborden both have a 3d printer


I’ve had this in my Amazon Wish List for a couple of months now @Longstride - still not pulled the trigger yet though…



there is this but a bit more expensive just a thought


Cheers! I’m torn, I’d rather have a pre assembled one but they cost so much more!


It says in the Amazon one only 20 bolts and 2 hours to assemble Mmm
I can see a screw left in the box and a oh fuck it I’m not taking it apart again it will work without it



There is not that much assembly required on the likes of the Ender 3, if you had a fully assembled one you’d still have some tweaking like bed leveling to do anyway.

My Creality CR-10 took about an hour to put together, the bed levelling took the longest to get right, it still needs tweaking now and again.
The glass that comes with a CR-10 is crap, replace it with an Ikea mirror and you’ll be good once it’s levelled.


@callum, I’m not in a position to print anything at the moment, my printer is down and I haven’t had the time to look at it. Unfortunately my other half fell and shattered her arm which had a metal plate from a previous fall, all my time has been taken up with hospital appointments.


That sounds nasty! I hope a she makes a rapid, and full, recovery soon!


The fracture was horrendous to put it mildly, she had to wait a week for a specialist to do the operation and in the meantime after 3 days in hospital they asked me to take her home until the doctor was available at the end of the following week. I argued with 3 doctors for assurances of her safety at home and what their personal responsibility will be if something goes wrong, in the end they kept her in.
I support the NHS 100% but I now know first hand just how stretched it is.
Oh, she is recovering well but still very weak, thanks.


@Njoro, really sorry to hear that mate. Hope she makes a swift recovery.


Ditto! Hope she’s on the mend!


Thanks chaps…:+1:


So sorry to hear that Lance, I hope she makes a full recovery soon.