Do you want 3D Printed Accessory's?


Hi Sorry for not replying soon i have been locked out due to my email

ps to the Admins is there a way to change my username?

@Longstride where are you based?


It looks like it can be changed (by an admin) - but, rather than cause havoc, I’ll wait and see if @PingSpike knows if this is safe to do.


I’m in Hedge End mate


Thanks :+1:


@Longstride I’m interested in how you get on with your new printer, I’m thinking of upgrading mine now after 3 years of use.
If you don’t mind could you send me your STL for that print you wanted ? I’d like to see how much plastic it would take as well as how long it would take to print something like that.



You must have read my mind, I was thinking the same thing earlier on.
I’m thinking it could be a long print, I’m flat out with mine at the moment when it doesn’t need the odd tweak.
I’ve also ordered a full set of fans for the control box to get it quieter.


Sure thing chaps! I’ve got a massive box just arrived I’ll do some photos and happy to share files! Let me get organised!

@PingSpike - do you think we might consider a “3D” board in the forum somewhere? Capture, processing, printing etc? Just a thought?


There is one.


Does the massive box contain a printer?


Yes but bloody lcd screen is dead!!! Gutted!!!


Oh, poop! What a bummer!


Which one did you go for Glenn?

Sorry it’s DOA :cry:



:disappointed: What a bugger that is, silly question, have you checked all connections?


Its FIXED!!! I googled it, took back off and the LCD ribbon was hanging out! Good old China!!! Smashed it back in, and hey presto! She’s ALIVE! Updating firmware and preparing to print a tiny robot!

Will share my adventures on the 3D part of the forum! Thanks @Njoro


Good luck.


Must be the first time I’ve heard “smashed it in” and “ribbon cable” together :rofl:


I literally DID smash it back in! It took some force and the cable was rather bent (like 90 degerees) afterwards. Still its working, so I guess I’ll use it for now and return it to amazon if it screws up over the coming weeks! But at least Im up and printing now!


Ok guys
I have the osmo pocket and have ordered a base holder that someone has 3d printed from eBay but have let me down was hoping to have for my holidays but post office did not deliver and sent back to the ebayer
But I know someone on here could do one better
What I’m looking at is a base that will steady the osmo …but also be able to allow access to the usb-connection for charging and maybe connect to my phone via extension cable or even more impressive have a tripod/selfie stick thread for connections
Would one of you be interested in making or developing one ?


Sounds like a plot to get ones teeth into, some pictures of your stick would be helpful but without having one to take dimensions off it’s quite hard.
Do you have link to the eBay item?