Do you want 3D Printed Accessory's?


Thanks for the offer @Njoro
@MementoMori has offered to do some at short notice but ideally my idea is to have table top so it’s sits well on a table but also have go pro mount either front or rear or both for the selfie stick but… also have a notch in the bottom for the charge cable and…slot where the memory card is and…another slot where the bottom microphone is located (not much really) there are several options on thingverse but not one with all I ideally want

My mount I hope to use is pictured below



I’ve came here searching for any strobo light solution for my Anafi. I found very interesting discussion on Flytron Strobon Cree, which seems as the most recommended solution in terms of weight/light ratio. I decided to order them at Flytron. In the meantime, I found there’s a discount code that could be applied at Flytron! :wink:
Unfortunately, I don’t have access to that “Exclusive GADC discount code” thread. Would you be so kind and ‘unlock’ it for me, too? Many thanks in advance!



@lookie Please see the PM that I’ve sent to you.