Does anyone know some interesting places to fly in London or Guildford

Hi, so I am looking for some places to go flying that are near London or Guildford.
However, the places suggested if any need to be accessible to wheelchair users!

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there looks like a possible area just before the Henley fort outdoor ed centre , I dont know about access it look quite a big area have a look

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Thanks for the suggestion however I was looking for a place that also has something interesting to photograph or film e.g. Grain Battery Tower in Kent

What legal limits?

Oh ok yeah never tried either

sorry I posted the last 2 in the wrong section

Anyone been to the church of St Martha on the hill, Surrey? Is it accessible?

Newlands Corner is very pretty. Haven’t flown there, so check first.

Newlands corner is owned by Albury Estates who i have found to be ok as i go fishing in their lakes
but newlands corner is managed by Surrey Wildlife Trust as its a nature reserve so you might have trouble

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have you ever flown around the church of st martha on the hill?

I haven’t but there’s a couple on you tube they have a few Weddings there so prob best in the week
pop along and have a look

dunno who this is might be someone on here

What do you think a sunday would be like

Busy I would think. I never go anywhere like that to fly weekend

Sunday worshippers galore


Is it London and Guildford elusively?

Found a park on the way to Windsor with no restrictions yet it can get busy on the weekend.

The other option I found it Virginia Waters Lake. It’s not owned by the National Trust and I couldn’t find any restrictions of drone usage. There will be ample parking and ease of access there.

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Well, no, but not too far from london i.e. no more than 2 hours

Both those locations are 40-50 minutes drive from Central London

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Just had a look at Virginia Waters Lake and it looks lovely definitely going to try and get there

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