Does anyone on the group own & fly an SG-906 PRO2

I have a ZLRC SG-906PRO2 as well as an older SG-906.
A few have these models in the club that I belong to in Redlands Queensland Australia.
This PRO2 model is quite popular here due to its price/performance compared to DJI which hold the majority of the market.
The only negatives that I have found with the PRO2 which is much better specd than the plain 906 is the lack of collision avoidance that has now appeared with the Max model, and the need for a high performance smartphone. My current Samsung Galaxy A15 is about the minimum required.
I am wondering if any of you have any of the 906 series (orig, PRO, PRO2, MAX) and what issues or improvements can be made.

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Looks like there have been a good few mentions of the SG906 here: Search results for 'Sg906 order:latest_topic' - Grey Arrows Drone Club UK

You could try @mentioning a few of those people in this thread to draw their attention to it :slight_smile:

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Well nobody else has said it so far, so…G’day Bruce and welcome to the faculty.

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There’s very few of the lesser known drones on here, as very few places sell them (ebay more than anywhere else), but there are some. Somebody who owns one of them will pop up shortly and see you right mate.

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