Does anyone use Fixed Wing mode?

Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if people ever use this or, like me, see little point to it.

After all, you’ve just paid squillons on something whith a highly stabilised gimble, so It seems strange to pretty much turn that feature off and make motion-sickness inducing videos. :stuck_out_tongue:


Handy for FPV / goggles flights perhaps? Probably a bit more ‘immersive’?

I don’t know… only guessing here!


It does seem to have been released just before they introduced their Goggles.

Have not tried it yet,but thinking it may make for some cool video shots?

I tried it yesterday, and while it might give you a different type of video it gave me my first real scare in the six weeks or more that I’ve had my MP.

Try to follow the tutorial on the GO4 app, I finally got it into Fixed Wing mode. However, I was at far too high a speed and too low an altitude, and being very unfamiliar with the new controls I found myself looking up to see the drone heading straight towards a bank for trees that normally don’t worry me on my normal training field.

Trouble is, my normal safety response is to just let go of the sticks. In fixed wing mode the drone just sails merrily on! Thank goodness for the stop button - just hit it in time.

Lesson learn’t - get much higher than any obstacles before I try again. Or maybe I should disable Fixed wing completely.

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Something I was aware of … but a VERY good point to make!

For 4 years, P2 and MP, let go everything would be my natural response in a moment of panic, too.

Edit: I sometimes fly my P2 in full manual mode. That’s such a fight you never contemplate letting go of anything other than your sanity. :stuck_out_tongue:

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My brain was aware - but my fledgling instincts weren’t :blush:

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Well, that’s what I learnt today :open_mouth:

Mental note duly made, thanks :+1:

So forward / backward on the left stick becomes some kind of throttle to set the forward speed with? I should probably watch a tutorial video :blush:

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It’s easy to get into habits, then things change and the habits don’t

I learnt it only yesterday … courtesy of a YT thing explaining it.

Now I’m feeling silly that I didn’t add that piece of advice in my initial post.

Edit : Makes mental note to find LARGE OBSTACLE FREE SPACE when I do try. :wink:

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That’s new to me also.

Didn’t realise fixed wing mode actually acts like a fixed wing, always moving forward.

Actually want to try it now.


Let me know if the right stick allows you to speed up and slow down??

Found this.

I’d have expected the throttle to be on left stick. Wonder if the controller being in mode 1 or 2 has any bearing on it.

And wonder if you can reverse the elevator stick, pushing forward to climb for me is a mind fu*k.

Anyone confirm if image above is correct on mode 2?

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So there no slow down option?!

It’s prob like the disco, it will fly at a set speed. You can accelerate but when you let go of stick it returns to default flight speed.

What’s the fixed wing setting for on the Mavic Pro? I turned it off because kept getting a pop up during flight :thinking::thinking:

Moved your post to the only one that’s ever discussed Fixed Wing.

Hopefully the above answers your question, but ask more here if not.

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Yes it confirmed my worry, glad I turned it off lol :grin::grin::+1:

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