Does Article 16 only apply if you’re flying at a club’s site?

I’ve just found this in the latest BMFA magazine, it’s the text of Article 16. I’ve also found FPVUK’s article on this site about implementing this exemption. Am I reading this correctly that it doesn’t only apply if you’re flying at a model aircraft club’s site? In other words if you obtain, say, the BMFA’s certificate for Article 16 flying then the advantages with regard to reduced distances from uninvolved people for instance Article 16 text.pdf (2.1 MB) apply wherever you’re flying, other rules of course taken into account?


Will tell you where Article 16 will allow you to fly. :+1:t2:

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Watch this


Yes, if you’re a member and you agree to those terms of flying, you can fly under those rules anywhere…
Have a watch:


I think he’ll defo get this message :rofl:


Thank you Ian! Brilliant video. Why the powers that be can’t explain things this clearly I don’t know! I think I’ve now defo got the message! :laughing:

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Didn’t realise the “bubble” interesting

As I have no intention in any payed work and my flying activities are primarily fun flying with a little photography/video for personal gratification, Article 16 covers all my requirements, and even allows me to fly my very large hexacopter from urban recreational areas.

One thing I’m not sure of though, does simply being a member of the BMFA or FPVUK enough to grant you Article 16 privileges, or do you have to also be a member of an active BMFA affiliated club also? To me logic would dictate the latter, as to be able to fly at most club sites you need to have at least passed the BMFA ‘A’ practical proficiency test. For those members of FPVUK that would include having been assessed by one of their examiners, which is solely voluntary.

If just being a member of either organisation then one could simply join FPVUK for £19.99 and get many of the A2COC benefits without having to take a course and pass another exam on top of the test we all do to fly models above 250g.

Having not flown anything other than my micro sized FPV quads around the garden in the last year I haven’t given it much thought. But now that I’ve had my first jab, and restrictions will be lifted next weekend, I’m now a little confused.

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You have to be a member of the BMFA and pass their (free) online test which is similar to the DMARES test. You don’t have to be a member of an affiliated club.

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@Nidge I’m a member of FPVUK and all I needed to do was read their documentation on Article 16 and then check a check box within my account page to declare that I have read and understand what the Article 16 is and what conditions it allows me to fly under. Once that check box has been checked and saved to your account you’re covered by Article 16 :+1:t2: at least that’s my understanding.


@DeanoG60 , @grahammoore

Thanks for the clarification, guys.

It also demonstrates what a lousy memory I have. I’ve just logged into my BFMA account only to find out I’ve already acknowledged the requirements for Article 16 Authorisation.


Ditto What @DeanoG60 said. :smiley: