Does Gimbal rotate 360 on start up Mavic 3

I have just bought a Mavic 3 second hand when I start it up the gimbal does not rotate 360 to do a self check no gimbal error code just asking my Mavic pro 2 did a 360 check just after powering on have they changed it on the Mavic 3 and the second thing I have noticed when I power off it makes a click noise I have seen somewhere somebody said the Mavic 3 when power is shut down it will lock itself in the centre position. you will hear a click noise when the drone powers off is this true.

Or do you mean Mavic 3 ?

yes my mistake Mavic 3

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I was just checking YouTube and Google , I might be wrong but I don’t think it rotates 360 degrees unless I have missed something , there’s a few people on here with mavic 3 it might be worth reaching out to them , :+1:t2:

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Did it? I thought only the DJI Zenmuse cameras could rotate 360 degrees, Naz?

my mistake sorted it Mavic 3 does not rotate like the Mavic 2 and you are right it does not rotate 360.

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