Does iPad Mini fit the bracket on the Mini 2 controller?

Bit of a basic quick question please - thinking of buying a Mini 2, would prefer to use my iPad Mini 4 with it rather than a phone. Yes I appreciate the iPad M4 may be stretched by the DJI Fly app, but at this stage I’d just really like to know if the iPad will physically fit in the controller bracket?

Nope, afraid not. Just tried and the bracket is about 1.5" too short for the iPad mini.

Plenty of adapters/mounts/brackets available though, so it can be used. :+1:

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Thanks for the quick reply! Much appreciated.

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I have got one of these :-

And it works perfectly with my MA2s controller with my iPad Mini 4.
Readily available on eBay and if you shop around you can even get one that doesn’t come on a slow boat from China. :grin: