Does my client also need insurance?

I’ve been asked by a friend who has a garden company to do him a video. There are 2 properties, one is near residential and the other sits on its own in the country. I have the air 2s and the A2cofc, to do any of these jobs I know I will need commercial insurance. He has been told before that to advertise drone footage videos he would need insurance too but I told him that’s not true, hoping I’m right lol! I should be ok to fly Air2s with country home and thinking of getting a mini 2 to do other one, do I have this right! Thanks

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I am no expert but I believe only you need the insurance for the drone use.

I can’t see any reason why he would need insurance for you feeling your drone when you have the right insurance.

Who told him this out of interest?

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking too, he’s probably picked it up wrong, they told him that he could not post any drone video on YouTube or his website without commercial insurance but I think he’s just got confused! he never said who told him but he did say he bought a drone a couple of years ago. I could get my insurance sorted tomorrow as I’ve already spoke to a company that will insure me. Hopefully the job will cover the insurance for the year. Thanks

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Insurance needs to be in place for sure but only the operator who is responsible needs it.


Thanks mate, that’s what I thought

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Yes to the above … its only the person flying / operator who needs insurance for non recreational / non sporting flights. I have used Flock in the past… really easy to pay by the hour.


Thanks Ximi, yeah I’ve heard about Flock, will check them out today :+1:

Flock is a very good product, but make sure that when you buy the policy that you have entered all of the details correctly, especially the point of take off and landing.

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Thanks for the info Ian