Don't Fly Within 50 Metres of Structures!


That was well thought out NOT :rofl:

“Organised by puppets executed by muppets”…:rofl:

At a freezing cold and very wet F1 event at Brands Hatch in the 70s (GP or Race of Champions - don’t recall which), a Harrier did a superb, and quite low, display over the south bank … where I, and thousands, were.

That display was the first time that day I’d felt in the slightest warm and dry … stinking of aviation fuel until I got home was a small price to pay.

However, back when F1 was a “sport”, rather than the mobile palaces that F1 teams have today they were still covering their paddock areas with tarpaulins over poles. (I don’t think the words “Gazeebo” or “Event Shelter” had even entered into use!)

Several went “missing” … to the teams’ frustration, the crowd’s entertainment … and the pilot was totally oblivious. :+1:

So stupid :joy::joy:

The drone code is there for a reason eh :smiley:

It’s OK having a big chopper as long as you use it responsibly :grimacing: