Dont you hate when .......(Drone related)

You allocate a mornings flying… Check all your kit the night before and charge the batteries.

Only to wake up and its blowing a gale or raining …


You prep for an early morning flight.
You download offline maps.
You give your drone a birthday and do all those checks just that little bit more thoroughly.
You work out a provisional shot list from Google Earth.
You tidy up your SD cards, format them and make sure they are all ready to go.
You get to the location, confirm it’s deserted and your planned takeoff point is good.
You congratulate yourself quietly on your professionalism and methodical approach.
You get the drone in the air…

…and DJI Go says ‘guess which stupid muppet left the SD Cards on the kitchen table?’


Funny?, did not know the Go 4 App had that command on it !


One out! One in! Never leave it without a card even for more than the few secs it takes to replace it. :+1:


Birds shit on your out door furniture

There always a foldaway chair in the boot of my car, for when I go flying …

Thanks. Lesson learned!

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It does. It’s right next to ‘I don’t care if you are five miles from the nearest inhabited building and the local definition of mobile communication is jungle drums and semaphore, I’m still going to make you update the bloody database’.

The joys of a device that’s …
a) only used for the MP
b) has no SIM
c) has no Wi-Fi access point configured
d) remains (almost) permanently in airplane mode to make doubly sure.

It knows nothing about the world outside beyond the brief moment of logging the app into DJI to get it working in the first place …. 15 months ago.

Updates to Go4 … if/when I do them, which isn’t often, are done by side-loading from the .apk copied to the SD card.


My CS lives in airplane mode and is only let out when i need to download a map …


Same. Have a card in my fly more bag that I’ve never touched.

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I have several of these with 32 gb micro sd cards in them, shove one in each Combo bag, and I always check they are there before leaving home !.

Or, this one !!

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If you are like me, and, you have SD Cards fitted in just about anything that will hold one (Phones, Camera’s, Tablets, etc) !.
You may find this Excel Spread sheet useful. to be able to tell at a glance where you have fitted them !!.
I always mark the cards with a fine indelible pen, each with a number on each one.
Alter, as you see fit !.

SD CARD LIST.xls (37 KB)

Hope you can find a use for it !.

I assume you have a central repository for non-fitted SD cards and you don’t have them lying around all over the place. :wink:

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Correct, I find it easier to have them in the cases (as above) , and in each camera bag.
I now always make sure each drone has one fitted in each :+1:
I’ll soon have bloody shares in Sandisk !!

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I followed Chris’s fine example!

I have one case for SD cards, each card labelled with either D or G depending whether it’s for drone or GoPro. Drone ones also have a number that matches the battery & I swap both out at the same time so I don’t lose all my footage if I lose the drone.

Sadly, the card case doesn’t fit in the Polar Pro soft drone case as well. It’s already got 2 spare batteries, filters, spare props, sun visor and insurance docs in it.

On that occasion, I did a bit of SD card housekeeping and then left the bloody things behind!