Donut X1

Well this is a little different.

If you have US$9,800 to spare.


Similar ball park to the Mavic 3 then :laughing:

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Not sure the claims made about the first bi- rotor ducted fan drone are accurate. We were using these in Afghanistan over 10 years ago. I can’t remember if it was a bi-rotor, but it was definitely a ducted fan. Bit bigger than 425 grams, though. :grinning:

Troops quite liked it although it was a bit noisy, although that was not necessarily a bad thing as it could discourage contact. The only reported problem was if it was flown too close to a wall, where the ducted fan airflow could cause it to get stuck to the building until the fuel ran out!


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Looks good. Can see a lot of use cases for this.

But they never mentioned camera quality. There is some first person view footage, but I cannot see that being from this drone. Plus there is no sign of any gimbal, so probably only software image stabilisation.

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