Dorset 2017

All taken on my recent holidays down in Dorset


Very Nice Goose :+1:

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Nice video @Goose!

I’m a fan of 2.7K at the moment too. I don’t have a 4K TV so I’m struggling to see the need to film in 4K. That said, I’ll probably be kicking myself when I do eventually get one :roll_eyes:

Very nice shooting there Tex…great film!!! I visit down there regularly myself and am planning to catch some of the same places…I hope I do as well!!

The other advantage of 4k is:

Say you are creating/editing your footage in to a 1080p video

Sure, you can downscale the 4k footage

You can also use it at full size (or rather a portion of it)

You can also zoom in on the downscaled 1080p version (I wouldn’t go more than 150% zoom though)

It could just be me but quality wise 2.7K seems to look better than 4K. Will need to do further tests I think.

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