Dorset/Bournemouth meeting - Revised Date - Now 25th March 🤞

I’ve been thinking about a short gathering in my area for a while and thought the weather might be good (I can always hope) in March. I’m not sure about the ins and outs of what I should be putting here as it’s the first time I’ve posted in this section, so

Slades Farm in Bournemouth looks reasonable to me as it’s an approved area for drones. Saturday is possibly best as people work during the week and Sundays is a no fly day at the venue. I do a Parkrun at 09:00 so maybe 11:00 until 13:00? I’m not sure about which Saturday is best. but open to suggestions. I have seen that you can do a poll, maybe I could work out how and add one.

I’d bring along a 5" FPV which I have failed to fly in anything other than Angle or Horizon mode, with the hope of getting a few tips. I’d also bring along a DJI Mini (or maybe a Mini 3 Pro if I’ve purchased one by then.

If anybody is interested or has any other ideas, please add to the thread.


Might be able to pop down, though not 25th.
(Not missing any MotoGP action on its first weekend of the season for anything! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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Perfectly reasonable. I’d probably be on the GS1200, so we’d have a couple topics in common :grinning:

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@notveryprettyboy @SirGunner @DeanoG60
We going lads? :grinning:

Having looked at the calendar, I can do the 11th or 18th if it’s a Saturday.


I’ve not met any cub members yet, but I would def be interested… :+1: :+1: :smiley: :smiley:


I’m sure the misses would like a day or two at the seaside

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That could be doable, will have to check my Mrs and Daughters shifts for that weekend

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  • Saturday 11th March 2023
  • Saturday 18th March 2023

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I thought I’d add this in to give everybody an idea of what date it’s likely to be. I think we ought to go for the date with the most votes. You can vote for both dates if you don’t mind when you fancy going.

Could be of interest - I’m defo working the 11th, but if off on the 18th will pop down.


Yes I will be there. :+1: I bring my fpv tinywhoop kit and my DJI stuff

Where is the model park at Slades Farm every time I’ve gone there I was flying by the bike oval. I did not know there was a designated area.

I really would like to be there regardless of the date you chose, unless its peeing down…

I don’t think there is a specific area. I tend to stand by the trees in the middle of the red outlined bit. If it’s not busy I’ll also use the blue outlined bit too.

I normally go on Friday and it is quite lightly used by other park goers. Saturday can be okay too, depending on how sunny it is.

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I’ve also seen model cars using the skatepark area, which looked like fun.

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Cool I imagined a small corner for some reason. :+1:

They would be fun to chase with a sub 250 drone

I can bring some race gates with me so you can practice gaps.

Sorry, don’t know what gaps are… :frowning_man:
Can that be done with a 3 pro ??? that all i have… I’m still very much in learning mode… :fearful:

Yes, of course, if you are a good pilot :smiley:

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And it’ll make you a good pilot