Dorset Crop Circle again!

Shot very early Sunday morning. Thanks for watching.


Just loved that !, perfect bit of music!.
Well done Shawn !.

Some nice flying skills too - and another vote for the music :+1: :+1: :+1:

Another vote for the music and flying!

But also annoying- crop circles have baffled me for years- seeing your footage just made it worse as those lines seem so precise seeing it close up, humans would struggle to be that accurate! Therefore, you’ve just inadvertently proved aliens exist (to me anyhoo!)


That’s some good flying! Silky smooth. :ok_hand:

How heartless of the Farmer to spoil it by sticking his tractor tyre marks through it !.

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100% fantastic !!! both in finding the site AND the superb flying :+1: :+1:
( now i need my roll of tinfoil to think about how it was made ) :upside_down_face: