Dovestones, Oldham

Had a nice Saturday evening adventure at dovestones! The RS got to stretch its legs and so did I :grin:


Love Dovestones, quite partial to a RS too I had a S2 RST escort in the late 90s. Great images

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Sign me up to the RS fan brigade too - nice motor @dancarpy :+1: :+1:

Bloke down the road runs a Sierra breakers / spares business, you want to see some of the (now classic?) Cosworth saloons and RS500s he turns up in sometimes :heart_eyes:

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@StevenPSCC @PingSpike
Thanks guys
I’m new to the RS scene. I had a Audi S3 and VW R32 before and fancied a change. Starting to really like ford and I’ve been aware of old classics but the older I’m getting the more and more I’m appreciating the classic fords!

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