Downgrade M2P firmware

I recently tried to downgrade M2P firmware using the NLD application that I bought, but the firmware flashing process didn’t happen as I expected or the process didn’t run, it just stopped at 15% until my drone battery was empty.
Is there any friends here who have experienced something like mine?
if there is something natural and can complete the process then I ask for advice and instructions so that I can do it too

Connect the M2P to the DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic app on your computer and update/downgrade that way.
If you haven’t got the app, it’s on the DJI site under “Support”. NOTE: Use the correct version, you’ll need the one for Mavic, the others wont work.

What version firmware are you on at the moment?

And what version are you trying to downgrade to?

I tried to downgrade from version 01.00.0670 to version 01.00.0100 but it always failed

well i will try it tomorrow
thank you

how to solve the firmware antirollback on the mavic 2 pro
Do you have friends who know how to solve it without changing the hardware of the drone ?

As stated above use DJI Assistant 2 for any firmware upgrade/downgrade, can I ask why you want to downgrade from .0670 is it to enable FCC mode ? I tried to downgrade from 0670 to do this but in the end I just enabled it from .0670 anyway & works fine now.

besides activating the FCC mode also trying to remove the NFZ

Have you opened a support ticket with NLD, @PolomoMay ?

Or asked on their slack group?

I have used the NLD to downgrade the firmware and it failed

Are there any friends on this forum who experienced the same thing when the Mavic 2 Pro firmware downgrade

You can only downgrade 01.00.0400 or earlier using software.

NLD do offer a service to downgrade but that requires access to the main board.

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yups I know the one suggested by the NLD
I mean, have friends here done it without replacing the core board?

There is a special downgrading software, which is produced in China. Can be downgraded between

Do you have a link for where one can download this software?

do you have a software download ??



This is going well

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is there a link you can give me to download ?

I doubt it, he/she is suspended