Downloading Older Version of Go4

Got a new phone and wanted to test GO4 on it. I’m on apkmirror looking at version 4.1.22 as that was the version I had when I flashed the modded FW on my MP.

Now there are two files I can download. I believe one is for tablets and one is for phones but I can’t remember which is for which.

2028592 & 3028592

Which do I download? I’m guessing it’s 2028592

Also, if anyone else is running the same FW, 01.04.0000, which app version are you using? I know that a couple of versions after 4.1.22 work fine with modded FW but I’m not sure with which version it stops working.


2028592 is the backup .apk on my phone of 4.1.22.

I’m using the very latest Go4 (4.2.16 20314156) on my phone with the modded 01.04.0100 FW (done via the Dumldore V3 / DankDroneDownloader route) without any problems … that I’ve noticed.

Not used 4.2.16 extensively - tho used 4.2.12 / 2031018 quite a lot in early May … panoramas / active track / POI / etc.

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As I’m on a FW below yours I won’t risk flying with Go4 versions higher than 4.1.22 until someone confirms they’ve used later versions of the app with the exact FW.

Downloading 2028592 now, thanks.

I was on modded 01.04.0000 with whatever was the latest app at the time … early Feb, so 4.2.4 or 4.2.6 … before going to 01.04.100.

Edit: 2030047 / 2030579 respectively.

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I’ll try 4.2.4. The resource file that downloads when first launching the app, guessing that’s required?

I believe so … though never tried skipping that to know.
Let me know! LOL! :wink:

Anything I do for my MP I make sure it’s been tried and tested LOL.

First time seeing this startup screen with the image of the Mavic Air. Been used to the startup screen with the Spark.

Think it updates to showing yours once connected.

I meant the welcome screen before it shows your device. Hopefully get to try it out tomorrow.

Ah - right - yup, in the splash screen. :+1:

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