First snow in the flat Fens & way too blustery to fly for a complete noob so erring on the side of caution! (reluctantly). Just a light cover but magic sight as I opened the bedroom curtains.


Rob, you will be surprised what wind you can fly in!.
I have flown in 20+mph winds, with no problem, just remember if you are heading into the wind to switch to Sport Mode, gives you that extra power to fight the wind.
No real snow to talk about here in Norwich, mostly rain.
The dog looks to be enjoying it !.


One golden rule to remember is
When it is windy , remember, the wind at altitude is always a lot more ,than at ground level. ( see Nats App Wind Speed graph)
It is always advisable to fly into the wind from take off, then , getting back is a lot easier, when you need to.


The trees are rocking Chris, not sure of wind speed atm? This 180* degree land throws some unexpected gusts above the tree line.

I’m scared :tired_face:


The dog is a fearless Ttoodle, Tibetan terrier x poodle, hes got bigger ones than me :rofl::rofl::rofl:


The Mavic Air will warn you of high winds at altitude, and it will come on the controller in red lettering.
Always worth trying to go straight up to say, 20 ft, leave it hovering and see how it reacts to the wind.
Then go up another 20 feet, and repeat the excercise, several times to find out your limitations.
You will be surprised of the Air’s stability.
You said it, you need to grow some b…lls!.


Just looking at local weather chart, it says ‘moderate breeze form the north west’ ?? Sitting here listening to the wind gusting up a right racket & bending trees it aint moderate. Not ready to tackle that just yet Chris. Thanks for staggered hovering technique, will do that at an open space without the surrounding forest. :+1:


Rob, the best £13 I have spent is on one of these, brilliant for gauging if it is good to fly.

Always keep it in my flight bag !


This App is for your phone, it will give you wind speed at set altitudes in your area of flight.


Excellent Chris ! just ordered one as soon as I read your post. This is going to be helpful, especially round here. Cheers


Apologies for spend your money !
I’m good at suggesting things,
to confess I am a bit of a techno lad, just love gadgets and things !.
I have soooooo many things I have bought for my “Droning” hobby, I need another bag to carry them around !.


Yep! essential addition to my tool kit Chris. I feel I’m a couple steps up the leaning ladder & flip knows I need it :grin::+1: Cheers & thanks for going the extra mile for me. Learning so much in my first week of joining.


You can see what I mean by a few my last years Amazon purchases !!!

Er, not suggesting for you to go shopping at all !, but, may give you some ideas to things that you may have not thought about !!
I would definitely look at a suitable sun shade for your phone/tablet, you are going to need it !!


I ordered the launch pad earlier this week so that’s ticked-off the list. My son mentioned about getting a portable charger for the smart phone he gave me so looking into that later. I actually made a black foldable sun shade for a camcorder I used to use so know how essential they are, I’ll order a proper one for the drone. Been watching youtube vids re the filters, I’ll get to that later in the year & give them some thoughts. I use a circular filter on my Nikon D7500 to good effect. Right! off to do some man shopping💪


Opps !, sorry for suggesting those things?.
Just noticed, those filters are £20 cheaper than when I bought them, shit !


I think you need to be awarded a badge :laughing: I’m sure you will have more gear besides this


Guilt be gone Chris ! If I hadn’t got the drone I would only spend on accessorising the Bonny & bar-end mirrors would look silly on the Air ! - - - - Hmmm!! - - - or would they ? :thinking:


I often head out for a sunrise shot.By the time i’ve assembled all my accessories I end up with a sunset shot!


It would probably cover my lounge floor, to say I am a “accessory/gadget freak” is putting it mildly!.
Several members on here will testify to that!.


@PingSpike, this man :point_up_2: needs a badge :grin: