Drax power station

Been good weather over the weekend so had to have a few flights.
Be more coming soon.
Really happy to be out exercising and flying in the sun :sun_with_face:.
Not the best video taker or editor but hope you enjoy it :wink:


Nearly see my house :wink:

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I knew you would know the spot chris. Nice walk on the riverbank

Just been out myself


Thats ace chris love to get that close. When we can go out I’d like to go to that location :+1:

Lovely video :+1:

One tip though - try and avoid panning shots as they tend to look jerky unless you take it very slow and shoot in 60fps :wink:


Thanks yeah noticed that its abit jerky. Thank you for the advice. Its a mavic pro im using. I’d like a mini 2 but want to get better with this really first.

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Is that photo from the mini 2 Chris?

Is this better or not?


Yes Neil M2

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Great shots I am hoping we can have a meet when allowed

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With the build up of the music, I was expecting to at least see the explosion of the power station at the end



I know. Im learning so videos aren’t the best. Yeah music does make it sound like more is going to happen :joy:.

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Fabulous video :+1:

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Thank you :+1: