Drone associations

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Just been reading through the forums around the Insurance question PLI etc. Would membership through an association be better for Insurance and what ones would you recommend and have more
benefits for users. Hopefully will be getting out today for a flight with a bit of luck, thanks


I have taken out insurance with CoverDrone, they give a good all round cover including flyaways, crashes, over water, and public liability, worldwide cover with some exceptions, all as long as you follow the regulations of wherever you are flying.

In the application form they ask if you are a member of any relevant associations, and list DroneSafe Register as one of them, for which they will give a 5% discount which may or may not be worth it depending on the cost of the membership.

I was considering signing up with DroneSafe Register but decided to hang back to see what the CAA are going to come up with.

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FPVUK membership is probably your best bet.

Comes with £5M public liability for £19.99 per annum


** if you are only going to be using it in UK/Europe - that ruled it out for me. :frowning:

This is what I took out, just to cover my ass should I crash into something or someone ( heaven forbid!)
At the end of the day it’s reassuring to have it.

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Thanks for all the reply’s. I have signed up with FPV so at least i have the PLI and will see what comes out of the CAA regs later in the year and then decide what my best options are, thanks again all.

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