Drone best insurance?


I am looking to insure my drone and I was wondering can any of you recommend a decent insurer for both public liability and accidental loss or damage?

My household insurers (Aviva) wrote confirming that my Phantom would be fully insured, and that I have 5 million pound personal liability. Worth checking before you go getting separate cover.

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Some popular discussions on the subject of insurance @Olid34 :

First I have heard that a house insurer confirming covered for loss and PL. any others had similar response?

I was quite surprised also, hence I got them to confirm this in writing. It appears the premise behind their decision is that the drone is a 'remotely operated vehicle’s and as such is covered under my normal policy up to a specified (adequate for replacement) level.

I’ll share this here too :slight_smile:

But @BrianB - I’ve not come across a single househould insurance that will give you public liability on a drone, I’d say it’d be almost impossible??

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It can even affect car insurance should you wish to change provider.
Some ask “Have you claimed on any insurance in the last 5 years?”

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Not sure about the public liability aspect, but it sounds unlikely. I have PL for my business with a specialist insurer. For what it’s worth I took out a Coverdrone policy for my M2P, including PL and loss of vehicle.

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I appreciate the concerns some express re the Public Liability, and for professional pilots (i.e. those being financially rewarded) I’d be inclined to agree.
However, for me as a private individual it provides an excellent solution.
Also, if you have taken out a no claims protection cover, and these are common and not expensive, then you can claim without penalty. Also, if you negotiate with your present insurer at renewal time they’ll almost always match or beat any competition therefore removing the 'have you claimed…" conundrum.

Visited the UAV SHOW today and spoke to coverdrone insurance they have a new app available in about 4-5 weeks with a per flight/day charge
At the moment I have a years cover and asked them if they where changing the way they charge and it seems you can add or delete as per your needs

Worth looking at in a few weeks

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For those who are thinking of using household insurance such as Aviva, bear in mind that they may well use an underwriter to actually insure you, and that underwriter may well have a different answer to the question is my drone covered.
I am insured with Saga for house and contents and they assured me that I was covered for losing a drone, however they are underwritten by legal and general who said that because it was an “aircraft” it was in the section, cars on trailers, boats and aircraft and therefore was not covered!
Luckily Saga paid up because they record all their telephone calls and agreed that I had been misinformed.
So go with a dedicated insurer!


… and get it in writing … and record the phone call in case they “have a technical issue with that recording”. :wink:

Hi just a quick one,
I bought my drone last year and rung my insurance to see it was covered through my house contents (for accidental damage and fly away) to which they said yes and did not need to be specified as it was under £2,000. going through my renewal today I found out it’s not been covered. (I am covered for public liability with Drone Cover Club).

So I’m trying to find a Post I read last year about being covered under your home insurance. The member said he had his home insurance cover his Drone for accidental damage and fly away. The member said he had asked his insurance to put this in writing for him and this they did by email. Hopefully I can get a renewal quote with them. :thinking:

Probably this post …

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Just be careful of them changing tact at renewal, my esure policy covered the drone (had it in writing) then the following year they changed their minds and said categorically no drones (or any flying toy/model).

Thanks for your reply, that is exactly what they have just said to me on my renewal (Swinton Insurance).

Thanks for your replies, that is the post I was looking for. The best I could come up with is Eversure @ £46.03 for a M/Pro 2 accidental damage including ditching in water but this did not cover flyaways…

Moved your post, and the replies, over to the thread you were looking for. :+1:

@Meljo I’ve expressed my (unconfirmed) fears in the past of people adding or claiming for a drone on their home insurance.

When your home insurance is due for renewal you’ll have to declare any previous claims and I’d be worried that the price hike you’d face for the next five years would be more than the cost of a replacement drone.

Again, an unconfirmed suspicion, but perhaps worth considering just in case.


I think that’s a very valid point that you have made there Rich and one that some have never thought about