Drone Circle 9th May 2022

Cruising around Drone Circle on Sunday…


Hope it dries ok!

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So far, so good.

I’ve stripped it right down and making sure. The stack screws were bent as well.

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Who hits a tree honestly… TBH didn’t even know you could get all the way down there, and I followed soon after :slight_smile: Loads of space, punch up if behind the trees :slight_smile:

You know… Someone who has someone else plugin right next to their head even though they’d been asked to “Stop doing that!” … grumble…

So, ESC and FC plugged together… dee, dah, dit… beep, bip! All race lights light up…

Still not conclusive, but the FC to ESC link works…

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So are we saying its not only us DJI wankers that knock people out the sky? :rofl:

No there are other “wankers” as well. :wink:

you can go off people you know…

Although saying that. Analogue took my “Mavic Mini” out a few weeks ago. though when I say take out, it just lost connecting as soon as they turned on! Was weird! Analogue takes out a DJI product. Assume their channel was on the “Wifi” channel the mini uses.

And when a Mavic mini loses connecting, it just sits there! We repeated it :slight_smile:

You are forgiven… It’s a great shot of water after all.

So… I had a bit of scare when the camera didn’t work… But that was just the cable slightly loose on the camera board. Pushed back on and all ok.

So… it all works. Yey! :smiley:

Nice job…until!

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