Drone clubs near uxbridge

Hi guys
Anyone in uxbridge area and fly fpv manual mode that would be willing to show a noob some skills??


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Hi @hopper and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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Welcome once again!

Hi Andy Im just going to tag the FPV group @group-fpv so they see your post and hopefully someone around your area will respond :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome @hopper (Andy) !

I’m based in Brentford (not super close, but at least is Tube reachable) and sometimes go to Boston Manor with a mate for a few packs (haven’t really been there in a while now though with weather and other stuff getting in the way). I’ll post next time we go and you can join in the fun.
What gear have you got?

Alternatively, we could try to meet until that happens, when the weather is favorable somewhere, (will depend on what drone you have )


Thanks cst3x6, i have a dji fpv. Not flown at all yet . On the first few mins of dji simulator and found liftoff yesterday… would like to watch someone actually fly and ask some questions on what they do at certain times… its all fair and well watching things in you tube buy it doesnt allow asking simple questions…

Ill keep an eye in here for when your about next.

Many thanks

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That’s cool.

With the DJI FPV you gotta be a bit more vigilant of the location given its size. I think we can get away with it on certain areas of Boston Manor, especially during the week, around your are there are probably loads of ares you can fly it as there are more open spaces spread out.
It will be nice if we can get my mate to join for a session bc he has DJI stuff and had one DJI FPV as well if I’m not mistaken, so he could give even more tips on your gear as well since I only have experience with analogue stuff.
But definitely spend some time on the sims to get used to the stick movements and overall control, flying in real life will feel quite different, but the controls all transfer from the sims.

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A bit of a long shot, but I’m working in central London next Thursday. I’ll be going home along the a40 then m40 around 3-4pm ish so I can stop off and meet you lads?

Failing that, I will be in Croydon in a few weeks or so. @SirGunner on a working day. But us field engineers get stuck in traffic? Right? :grin:

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Trouble is mate, around London its true :laughing:

This could work out… We would just have to setup a location. Like I mentioned before, I’ve flown at Boston Manor, which is close to M4, easy access off and back from your route, but if Andy (@Hoover ) has any suggestions, we could try as well, as long as its close to a tube station.
And if for whatever reason it doesn’t work out for me, you guys can meet at least…

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Man, I had to go guys hospital. Fuck me. 8hrs round trip, 1hr job

Be real good to meet up

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It would indeed…

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Welcome to my world lol

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Thing is, it takes me 1 hr to get to London. Then 3hrs to get through it. And it stinks of fumes.

It might be a little north for you guys, but I’ve got my eyes on this well known fpv spot.

51°38’40.8"N 0°14’56.9"W

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Is that the affectionately named ‘Crack Palace’ Karl?

That’s the one

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Ill be up for a visit in the summertime, would probably be best to have a decent sized group just incase

Mob rule?

Exactly lol its got a bit of a reputation that place, I wouldnt visit it on my lonesome :scream: