Drone clubs near uxbridge

I’ve seen some videos on that place and would like to go at some point too… But as Steve mentioned, might be better in a crowd…

In London is always best to travel by tube, overground, train… I you don’t have to carry to much, just stop somewhere outside and take a tube in. It would be much faster for sure.

I’d probably be up for that this summer at some point. Would probably grab a travelodge for the weekend and take my bike down. Been ages since I was in London. If not i’ll maybe get the train down.

As to carrying stuff, you should ideally be able to fit all your gear in a rucksack. That’s my rule for flying somewhere. Everything in one rucksack. So if it goes wrong, you can pack away in 30 secs and disappear.

I kinda worry though if you were on the tube carrying 20 4S packs and they went up. i would kinda prefer to not get shot.

I meant in regards to his business trip to the city… But it does apply to overall getting around London…And yes, that is a good advice … I don’t have much stuff anyways, so everything always fits a rucksack with plenty of room to spare :smiley:

I only carry what i need when I fly. Generally it all fits in a plastic hobby box. i currently use one of these without the top tray. I can get goggles, radio, 10 lipos and a whoop or 2" in it without too much issue.

Dog in :thinking::man_shrugging::wink::joy:

Hi hopper, I have a DJI FPV which I bought last year and have only crashed it 3 times so I’d be happy to teach you something :neutral_face:
Sorry, joking aside I’d love to meet up as I’m in Hillingdon and the idea of Boston Manor sounds good if I’m allowed anywhere near.
Before I bought mine a wise man told me, the DJI crashes expensively. He also said to practice on a sim for at least 20hrs before flying. I did the 20hrs, find the sim (Liftoff) boringly difficult and crashing is expensive!

Hi @mpaull , ive been on liftoff this weekend. Your correct its difficult but i shall persist. Be good to arrange a meet up in the near future when ive stopped crashing the sim maybe.

Good for you in persisting with the software - I usually flew around the field with hay bales. If you need to try the real thing, it is not as scary as you might think. Try manual mode at height, say 200’ and you cannot take off in Manual Mode so take off in N or S mode, gain altitude and then there’s the weird switch over process.

When the drone goes into manual, the camera is set at a 20° angle meaning you’ll see sky. Don’t worry, just tip it forward with some throttle. And if you lose orientation press the ‘Brake’ button!!! Doing this will put the drone into a hover and N mode.

And whenever you’d like to meet let me know. Till then, GOOD LUCK!