Drone flies over Dublin Airport

Just seen on the news that 6 flights were cancelled or diverted at Dublin Airport after drones were sighted flying over the top. Thought it looked interesting and reminds me of the Gatwick incident that took place a few years back. Must have been really irritating for the people who either couldn’t go on holiday or got stuck on holiday.

Was this an actual drone? :thinking:

Or a pretend one like the Gatwick fiasco?

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I guess we’ll have to find out.

Photo or video or it didn’t happen. Anyone no! yet another Gatwick.


Probably a couple of Irish pigeons or kestrels

It was a UFO. It is highly unlikely to be a drone.

Spotted off the irish coast.


Looks like the Flying sub out of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (FS-1 from Seaview) :thinking:

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No video, photo or eye witnesses claim?; if I were to report a UFO without photographic proof, then nothing can prove it was a drone; I can imagine many flights would be cancelled because remote ID reported that a drone was switched on before the drone pilot living within a no-fly zone before taking it to an outside location. I can also imagine that if more bogus reports were to flood in, then the 5-mile zone would be wider, so if not two drones with no photographic proof, then it was just ET checking up on how things are doing.

I love that sub :slight_smile:

Spot The Drone, a bit like Spot The Ball

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more likely another chinese spy ballon

Me too! :grin:

Wonder if it was actually a drone or just mass hysteria like Gatwick.

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Everybody in the world and his brother has got a high resolution camera in their pocket, but during the Gatwick (and no doubt this one) episode, not one photo of the “drone” was produced! Of the more than 100 “sightings”, 98 of them were proved to have been the Police drones sent up to track them down.


This implies it’s still going on

But still no photographic evidence?


Instead of blaming themselves for delays, the airport and / or airlines blame the drones. No different to National Highway blaming drones for the lack of work seen on the motorways.

Quick update. A man has been arrested in connection with this incident at Dublin Airport.