Drone flying in London

While driving through London today around 5pm I noticed a drone hovering around a building block near Waterloo Station/London eye. Im assuming this would not be allowed under normal circumstances but was wondering if there is a way to tell if it was an official flight or one of you buggers trying your luck :rofl:
Not being all drone police or anything like that. Im more curious than anything else

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I think commercial flights possibly can as they require insurance. I’ve found quite a few flights on ‘drone assist NATS’ app.

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Interesting thanks for the reply. It was hovering around a building block so Im thinking maybe it was surveying or something similar :thinking:

I am a PfCO holder who lives and flies in London.

So with that being said he was either as @bobhouse said flying commercially and he would have to have insurance and the necessary permissions and authorisations or illegally.

But I would imagine that he was just like this guy from 2016 https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/drone-pilot-breaks-every-rule-in-the-book-with-incredible-video-footage-of-london-a3224651.html

Needs doing for sure just to capture a snapshot of history, but by a professional with all the insurance and a drone with a parachute maybe? :sunglasses:

drone parachutes are a thing apparently