Drone flying in Sorrento Italy

Looking to goto Italy in May and want to know can I fly my Spark or Air. I am aware that the Italians do have rules. Sorrento is not near any airports and I wasnt planning on flying very high anyway. maybe along the coastline.
Any advice would be helpful
Many thanks

@OzoneVibe has flown in Italy, I’m sure he’ll be able to advise :+1:

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Indeed I have.

Mainly (wherever I am) I use my “three golden rules of drone flying common sense”.

  1. Launch/land somewhere really quiet with nobody about.
  2. Fly away from where people are, and NEVER low(ish) over them, and
  3. Make each flight as brief as possible.

In Italy I was mainly taking photos, not video, so a quick flight to position, take pics, land … was my routine.

These three rules meant I usually flew without anyone even knowing that I was there, let alone able to make a fuss or tell me that I shouldn’t be flying there.

Even at a few more touristy attractions (eg. even at Basilica of Francis of Assisi!), I was always able to find a quiet place to fly from.

Being mid summer, and REALLY hot, in Southern Italy, many sizable villages/towns are nearly deserted between midday and 3pm for their “siesta”. That proved to be an enormously useful window to satisfy my rules 1 & 2, even in the town squares of most hill-top villages … a particular passion of mine.

I was not in traditional touristy areas or in large cities, so I never saw a “No Drones” sign in 3 months. Sorrento … perhaps more touristy.
TBH - I did always look briefly for signs, but I never asked anyone. Asking only primes people to have an opinion, and then there’s the problem of knowing exactly who to ask.

In short - avoid pissing people off! :wink:


Fantastic response mate
I really appreciate it, sadly Spark only shoots at 30fps and Air shoots more and up to 4k. Guess take a chance, and maybe take the Air and abide by common drone rules and your comments.
Appreciate it 100%
Let you know when I get out of jail how I got on…LOL

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I must admit that ,during 3 months, there were many instances where I wanted to fly, but didn’t … and kind of regret missing some great opportunities.

One time I was on a semi-motorway, and could see a stupendous castle off to the right. The road was really quiet and I was SO tempted to stop in the emergency layby and have a quick flight … but I resisted.

Sometimes I look back and think I was a tad too cautious … but that occasion was perhaps best to miss. :wink:

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Hi. I flew at Sorrento and Amalfi. Beautiful. No problem. Just flew as quick as possible to get to sea. Only issue I had was the phone got so hot it had CPU overload warning with jerky video. So I kept phone cool before flying. It was an iPhone 6. Not sure if this was pure heat or DJI Go App issue at the time.


Just in the process of buying a CrystalSky monitor from “Jcborden” here on Grey Arrows so that should be no problemo

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