Drone footage of Historical Chatelherault Country Park, Scotland in Winter using DJI Mavic Pro

Hi All. First post here and looks like a great community. Always looking for ways to get better so would be interested in your feedback.

Also, if I’m missing anything with regards to post format please let know. Cheers.


Hi Kirk and welcome to GADC. Great first post :+1: I fly in Chatelherault a lot, actually thought I knew it well but didn’t recognise one of the bridges in your video at 2:10. What part of the river is this on?

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Hi and thanks. The bridge is the Green Bridge and is at the furthest point on the 8km loop. First time I’d been out that far. I never knew it was there either.
I’ll check out the link you sent. Cheers.

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That explains why I’ve never seen it before :+1: :smile:

Great flying and editing, be nippy on the hands with the cold
Always great when there are not many people about. Spring isn’t far away now.