Drone footage of Trail Riding in Wales

So… this was my second time trail riding in Wales. After experiencing the fantastic vistas the first time, I was committed to shooting some footage this time.

I lost my drone unfortunately, during this shoot. I put this video together from the cache footage on my phone, hence the crap resolution. :frowning:

Anybody know where I can buy an aircraft only - DJI Mavic Pro? I am left with a controller and batteries and propellers.


How and where did you lose your Mavic?
Do you know about the find my drone feature that can sometimes help with retrieving a lost drone?

MementoMoro - I know exactly where it is. On top of a 75 feet tall tree. We tried everything short of cutting the tree down. I have reached out to some locals and they will try to get it down for me. It’s been a week already though.



Not going to be much good after all the rain we have had even if you manage to get it down I think.
Where in Wales is it?


North - in the Aberystwyth regio

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No :frowning:
Lesson learnt. The next one, whenever I buy one, will be.


That is genius!

I didn’t have such a clean line of sight and it was quite heavily wooded. I would have been nervous risking a second drone, not that we had one handy.

That’s the camera looking upwards from the tree :frowning:

Hire a good tree surgeon, he will climb and get it for you.

A bit far for me and after seeing the video of where it is I wouldn’t risk trying to do as @chrisjohnbaker posted the video for.

I posted that Richard, before I had seen the video of where it was in the tree.
Hence why i suggested the Tree Surgeon.

I gathered that, I was thinking of a rescue with the Inspire but not a chance where it is.

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Ouch Ankz sounds like an expensive flight for you !!!

Dont give up on it, chances are it will dry out, reteve it as soon as you can

The drone has been rescued! It’s already cost me a bit - but it’s cheaper than buying a new one. I have no idea what condition it is in. Fingers crossed

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Leave it in the Airing Cupboard for a week (without battery), and here’s hoping !.
Glad it has been retrieved.