Drone grabbed in mid air

Not sure where this news came from - I received it from a friend associated with the family. They received it online but are not sure of the source.


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Probably this …

It’s a few years old.

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An old news item dredged up it seems.

Thanks for the info.


May be a different one/location/date … but I recall that being posted here some years ago … and looks a little similar.

If you ever wonder where a pic comes from and didn’t know already, google can search by image (not just text) - https://lens.google.com/search?ep=gisbubu&hl=en-GB&re=df&p=AUM6UZCQaOXcaYpSjWlGmphS75W571TlyHegZLOoz-7RvUmjpqfZ0kcdL9wP9UGSiLF3yTbDAaToKf_THFUMzVis7raFpgKNF_pi_MxND-nxe6TEMAlVO80Cmr_47lVHG-fUEwGHXacUtaOfnT39W9hTNSLB8eHCx2G3gCLg6samwQ8WkypBtXvGVfQs6FWNau94mDNdwnSo6AxfV7nzqxoT9Y725MiSrq2hqBV15ysXQbErcWlhMZsRo8NmkI26_eZHVpaa9Zo2yN6OS2YFLJedeb5sGa_JXwDHGNvdTw8cFigWZsI685htOPRkaSmH1BFZhJZXr4qOqafzDnfIZO8_UJZLSQ%3D%3D#lns=W251bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsIkVrY0tKR0V6WWpObE1EVmhMVFE0WXpZdE5EQTVOQzA0WldKbExUSmxabUUyWlRrMFltWXpaaElmTkhsc2FXUXdaalJhVm05ak5FWXpjRVF5ZGpoaFkzTXRUMmR1VDNCU1p3PT0iXQ==

Also worth noting this trial was abandoned a long time ago too as it wasn’t reliable or in fact safe.

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If the Police use Eagles to capture drones, then they should be done for cruelty as the props will cause harm to the Eagle

I screengrabbed that about six months ago! It definitely makes a shocking photo!

Which is one reason why it was abandoned many years ago.