Drone Hacks app - How to enable FCC mode and remove NFZs on your DJI Mavic Air, Air 2, Mavic Mini, Mini 2, Mini 3 or DJI FPV drone

thank’s deanoG60 have been on you tube and watched most of them but mine dosen’t work like them bought licence connects ok then thats it FCC shows and thats as far i can go. thank’s again mate.

thanks Sparkyws i’ll try this but watched so many doing my ed in.

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hi you great people. went on you tube clicked on to tech drone listened to him then started from beginning started drone connect control start drone connect to DJI App then all hell let loose drone up dating control up dating drone camera working flight check come on 11satellites in house went out side rain stopped more sat, went through flight sequence now all’s well rearlly holding well with strong wind.
so thank you all for your help. {drones bloody weird}


Great that you have success now Eugene :+1: @crapflyer


thanks Steve now let’s get some good weather.

Hello friends,
I have a mavic air 2 does this trics work on it ?!
Thank you in advance !

You will need to check the firmware version and then check the bird map on the DH website

im sorry i didn’t say that before i live in france and what is DH website !?

If you read the posts above all the information is there

i have 01.01.62 on my drone but i can’t find it in Birdmap :frowning:

Thats not a valid firmware version number, check again and post a screen shot of it

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i recheck-it it’s 01.01.0920 :sob: :scream:. i think there is no solution for full hack.

For now there is not solution but keep an eye on DH it might be avaible soon

Oh and dont update the Firmware

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New release, it’s good news for Air2 and Air2s users


Fantastic now the mini 3 pro :crossed_fingers:

New release 1.32

Another Release 1.33


The latest versions on the Mini 2 can now be hacked @group-mini-2

The recommended firmware is


If on the latest 01.07.0200. Downgrade is possible with a licence

Another thing we are very happy about is that we were able to finally crack the Mini2 again. This means you can now use all our hacks on the Mini2 drone again! As of today (18. May 2023) all firmware versions can be hacked, or at least downgraded to a hackable version. We can directly hack all Mini2 firmware versions up to 01.06.200, if you are on 01.07.0100 or 01.07.0200 you can downgrade to the 01.06.0200 and enjoy the hacks too.

We are looking into supporting 01.07.xxxx firmware’s too, but as is our usual policy, we cannot say anything else yet and more news will follow if or when we have it.

We hope you enjoy our new update!

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Step by step hack / tutorial for your mini 2 via drone hacks for those who may need it !