Drone insurance Flyaways?

Can anyone point me in the direction of an insurance company that will insure for flyaways. Coverdrone do but they will not sell without 3rd party and I already have that

Check out @stubbyd’s research on this very subject from a few months ago @Manty:



Many thanks

I use Flyicarus, they cover fly aways ,and also loss over water, you can join FPVUK (£20), and get a 50% discount with Flyicarus.
FPVUK also cover 5 million PLI in the cost of the membership.
I do believe the site has been down for a while, due to a revamp.

Longest revamp in history


Got to agree with you there !.
apart from one post @FPVUK put up here (some time back)
about the site be non operational, we have not heard diddly squat from them.
But, someone on here said they are honouring claims.
Time for an update me thinks !.

They did share this update with us seven weeks ago - anyone concerned could always ask them for an update in that thread.