Drone Insurance from BackMeUp.co.uk ending 20th September 2017

Please Note - As of 20th September 2017 - BackMeUp.co.uk will no longer cover drones for new policies.

Current policy holders will remain covered as long as the policy remains active.

For more info, pleae see: https://community.backmeup.co.uk/threads/473-BMU-and-Drone-insurance-update#.WcJSnNN96OF

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Any reasons behind this? Sounds like a bit of a backward step.

Just had a heads-up from a staff member.

Apparently they have received too many claims.


That leaves people with even fewer options :frowning:

Oh well. I’ve looked at the wording and I have the fully flex cover and it says as long as it’s active and unexpired i’m covers so I’ll live it be and look for something better. Not surprising really…no insurance company exists that doesn’t want to make money and if people are claiming then they’re not making money.

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