Drone Insurance?


I’ve just bought a Mavic 2 Pro (Phantom getting too big for me) and am looking to see if anyone else does insurance at a decent price before I have to settle for the DJI offering. Do any of you guys have any idea who offers this cover?

Drone best insurance?

Do you mean insurance if you crash, or liability insurance if you crash into something (car, house, human)?
There is a good thread on here with a couple of companies, or maybe go to WH Smith and buy a specialist RC model magazine, they have loads of insurance companies advertising. I believe even the BMFA (British Model Flying Association) do an excellent insurance scheme. It’s a case of enquiring to see what fits with your needs and their quotes.
If you were in the states…you know what’s coming…
Let’s all chant…State Farm Insurance. (tearing what’s left of my hair out)


I was actually looking for accidental damage like DJI Care Refresh. The public liability cover is available readily.


The problem with DJI’s offering is that it doesn’t cover Fly-aways / or lost Quads - you have to be able to recover the Quad and send it to DJI to have it replaced - I’ve never flown over deep water for that reason (I bought the DJI cover anyway).
My understanding is that if the Quad behaves outside of it’s stated parameters - i.e it just buggers off the wrong way without your input and doesn’t return to home when/if fail-safe RTH is triggered and you can prove it with the flight logs there’s a good chance DJI will investigate and replace it if there was a fault with it’s operation, and that caused the loss.
This assumes you had a good GPS lock and a correct home point set at takeoff.

However, I’ve been wrong before.


Yeah, this is what I’ve heard and seen reported as actual events on a couple of forums. However, I’m not sure how honourable they are because at point, they hold all the cards and you’re on you’re knees hoping for the best!
Still, I’m not sure you can get anything close to it for £109 anywhere else.
One company I called (dronecoverclub.co.uk) quoted nearly £250 /year for the same thing but claimed that they had no excess on the policy.


According to the site these guys offer drone insurance. I’ve never used them, or know anyone thats used them. It was something I saved for later use. I already have Care Refresh ATM. Maybe fire off a phone call or a few emials for more details…



Ever sure are really reasonable (£52) for my Mavic 2 but one of their exclusions is that they won’t pay up if you don’t comply with UK law for drone flying. No biggie for me but if you should stray beyond 500m and have a crash, I suspect you wouldn’t be covered.
I’m not sure if DJI have this clause…


I know this thread is a few months old now but just thought it worth saying I’ve taken cover out with Eversure for a Mavic Air for £39 includes Theft, Loss and accidental damage but doesn’t include public liability, also there is £100 excess on any claim.