Drone insurance

Just a heads up for anyone looking for insurance ‘Back Me Up’ £7.99 covers you for loss, theft & damage. You don’t even need to recover the drone if you loose it in water. I have a promo code if anyone wants it

I’ve just taken out DJI Care Refresh, which I believe, only lasts for a year. Should I get insurance as well?

The refresh program does not cover you for none recoverable loss, Back me up cover is worth having on top just for the fact if your drone ends up at the bottom of a river your covered


I too bought the DJI refresh, then went slightly overboard on Getterbacks, mounting brackets, etc. None of which would help me if I sink to the bottom of a lake, as I don’t own a boat to go recover it anyway :roll_eyes:

Does backmeup also cover flyaways?

Know of anyone who’s actually put a claim in?

I don’t quite understand how it works, why aren’t unscrupulous people just saying “yeah, I crashed in to a lake, can I have a new one?”

Is that £7.99 a month ? Or for a year?
I bought DJI Refresh too but like you’ve said, I’m pretty screwed when it sinks to the bottom of a lake. :persevere:

BMU covers Accidental Damage, Loss (Fly-Aways) and Theft.

I asked the very same questions over at BMU before I took a policy with them and got a reply that all was covered except for Mechanical Failure

Here’s my question at BMU (I am uksitebuilder on there):

How they would prove that with a Fly-Away - I guess you just got to be careful what you tell them when/if you claim.

On a Facebook group I frequent, a guy just claimed from BMU for flying in to an electrical pylon over water where the drone went in the drink and was unrecoverable.

They paid him out straight away and were very helpful apparently.

BackMeUp.co.uk is £7.99 / month up to £1000 - You can have up to £4000 insured if you want to add on camera equipment etc.

Use Referral Code: POWERS074 to get £5 off when signing up to a policy

For Public Liability Insurance, the cheapest currently is FPVUK.org @ £19.99 per annum

Well worth it in case you crash in to someone or someone’s property

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£7.99 PM covers £1000, you can add up to 4 devices with a slight increase on each item 2 = £10.99 for £2000 of cover. I have claimed in the past for an iPad straight forward no issues. I know someone who’s Mavic is in the bottom of a reservoir, he was paid out. They have £50 access on the policy. I would imagine that the more Mavic claims they get the tougher it will become.


Ok, now I’m really tempted to get this too…

Do they offer an annual policy, rather than a pay-monthly one?

Sorry, no it’s monthly.

You can disable it when not needed too and / or swap out items that you have covered any time.

I read that entire thread and I was still a little unsure! You spelt out the question and they still glossed over it :roll_eyes:

The second post by Gabriel is what clarifies their stance on the cover

“In answer to the examples you have stated above: (drone lost during flight, either by loss of remote connection due to interference, bird attack or pilot error/collision and where the drone is lost/unretrievable) we can say YES, we would cover you for any loss or damage as a result of those eventualities as these would be defined as ‘accidental’ and out of your control.”

PURCELL068 is my referral code if any one uses it we both get £5 off

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Thanks for this…I read it through and it sounded good to me so I have dived in and go the Mavic covered. I used your code too…many thanks. When I get a code to share I’ll post it up :slight_smile:

Hmmm, where is the most dangerous place I can fly? - I know! That next to that electrical pylon over the bottomless lake just down the road

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I took out a backmeup policy before I put my MP into the sky.

I was tempted by the DJI refresh but was put off with the fact you have to have a knackered/recovered MP to send back to them, AND you have to pay them for each claim.

Backmeup only has a £50 excess and just seemed like the much better cover.

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This may already be mentioned somewhere else, but I just tried this and they now do not insure Drones.

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Back me up don’t insure drones? Please tell me more or post a link…I’m covers at the moment so this is news to me.

Here we go @JayForceOne - check this thread out: Drone Insurance from BackMeUp.co.uk ending 20th September 2017

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Whatever you do don’t take your drone off cover!!!

They will still honour any drones that have an existing policy but they won’t insure it if you cancel the policy. I’d also be a bit worried about taking it off cover as I wouldn’t be surprised if they stopped you switching it back on again.

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From what I know if you remove the drone that’s it no more cover. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have drone cover in the future but with far more restrictions on how to claim.

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