Drone Jobs

Hello guys,
I’m coming up to 22 years service in the armed forces and looking for a new career.
Is there many people here that are making a living from drones? I have looked online but nothing really comes up.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Is transfering to the RAF Regiment at Leeming an option, therefore gaining drone use/qualifications before you leave?


I have seen a couple of specialist companies carrying out drone surveys of buildings/area on places like Sellafield, but I don’t know if they are large or small outfits. They definitely exist but not sure how successful :slight_smile:

I can not transfer to RAF but I do get learning credits so I could try use them, but at the moment I don’t even see jobs advertising for drone operators.

Sorry I have no idea how to quote peoples posts on this forum lol.

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A lot of the drone jobs are self employed I’ve found.

What was your navy trade?

Hi - take a look at Balfour Beatty - I joined them last year after 22 years freelance surveying and have trained up to fly fixed wing for photogrammetry. we now also have a load of drone pilots that take progress video & orthomosaics. They seem to be going down the route of autonomous scanning and surveying for both safety and speed of collecting data.

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Are these a U.K. company?

Thanks for the quote tip, I was Minewarfare in the Royal Navy but then transferred to MPGS in the Army which is basically a glorified security guard, however I can get courses done before leaving and I have learning credits for like the next 5 years after leaving to use for courses.

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Balfour Beaty are UK based yes (but not multi national)

See if they will fund the GVC for you, although not essential it is recognised.

I feel your pain coming back into civvie life, although I never served, working in the Security Industry I see many mine over qualified men sat on a gate wasting away ;o(

Good luck.


Thanks buddy, I was just thinking working with drones which is also my hobby would be amazing as I enjoy it a lot and would be a nice touch before retiring as I’m still young at 42

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Does it have to be in the UK (do you have family?), a few friends work out in the middle east (BAE) weapons stuff, for big bucks.

Yes UK based - (but have US and Singapore companies too under BB banner)

Seen one of these flying at ELOR in Leeds

Yep - that’d be me then :+1:

Get us a job lol

Im single so all good here.

The amount of times you will have walked past my wagon lol, small world

The RAF Regiment have re-rolled, so are training up staff. Someone who can already fly may wet their appetite :slight_smile: .

I can’t advise on your guidance request @HEX5555 - but:

Sincerely, thank you for your service :bowing_man:t2:

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Think I read on here that Royal Mail intend to rollout up to 500 drones for deliveries to “remote rural” locations. Certainly more environmentally friendly than the 10 post vans used to service three small towns around me. :scream:

Worth looking at.