DRONE mail

…as for the photo of the pile of mail supposedly for the drone…


It’s a good and no doubt faster way of transporting the post, as it mentions taking 15 minutes (one way) they could do several trips a day.

I notice that they are starting to trial using drones to deliver chemo medicines to the IoW too:

The population is 72!! Rather think the mail would be about twice a week!
There are ywo ferries that operate a service from rwo different points for visitors…
The weather upo there is pretty naff in Winter…not too great at the best of times.

Considering the ferries would be going anyway I do wonder what the commercial cost of this would be.
I can’t believe it’s economical to do (I would love to know the cost per flight), but still interesting.
Looking at the size of the drone I would like to think it could operate in bad weather.

I seem to recall, from a totally unrelated program about the Orkney Islands on TV, that the mail goes on the small passenger plans.

Of course, there will also be flying in any case.

I’m uncertain about the frequency of either, particularly in the winter / non-tourist months, but perhaps that creates the be l need?

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Even on DroneScene for your next visit planning

You are of course correct…I looked at the wrong place on Flightradar24
:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:
Guess the Airline operator is dumping the route for some reason (probably expense with such a small population except in summer (visitors?)).

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Plenty of flights …

Check Loganair website.

A bit pricey for a weekend jaunt … same fare price for the return flight.


How far could you get for same price ? It’s a sad game I play on a night shift :wink:

That’s for “in a few days” … slightly less than half that price at a sensible time into the future.

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Article states payload of 100kg, so that pile would probably be OK

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Amazon have been advertising jobs as delivery drone pilots in my town, seems interesting.

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