Drone News

Hopefully this allowed.

I have seen lots of individual threads on drone news but thought it might be worth having a thread where stories could be put in.

First one to start off is from Lincolnshire:


Useful photo in that article.

I now have an op id to label my illegal drones with :japanese_goblin:


I saw that too, and a police one too!

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I wonder what makes it a police drone? I thought theirs were Inspires.

They use various from my understanding. The roads policing teams in my local force have “big” and small drones.

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Police use all sorts. Lancashire Constabulary recently started using a Parrot Anafi


The Evolve “Sky Mantis” is becoming more popular now on a few first responser Twitter accounts that I follow too:


Looks bit of a beast!


Oh wow! The specs on that thing is wow, just wow!

It has a 400ft tether option to a standalone battery back too, giving 48hrs flight time nonstop :rofl:

And it can detach it’s own tether mid-flight :bowing_man:t2:

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How much? Haha

Up to £20k, if this is to be believed.

Maybe if the Airport was to lead by example.

Pot calling kettle black.


Flashing blue lights…? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just dropped this chap an email about the op id in the photo and the airprox more out of interest than anything

Positive story from North Wales gives a bit of insight to their new drone team too:


More positive drone news

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Interesting concept (the crime element):

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