Drone people Pisa,italy

I’m looking for any other drone owner, operators in Pisa, Italy, not companies, only private users

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You might want to say “why” you’re looking for them? :slight_smile:

The member base here is 99.4% based in the UK. I’m not sure you’ll have much luck in your search here.


Thanks , I realized this after I posted, I needed to put together a team of 6 drone pilots with their own drones to help out with a project I working on.

No worries, im just gonna have to bite the bullet and buy a fixed wing…


I have to say I’m interested in what you’d need 6 drones for in Pisa?

If I know the Italians ,you would have a hell of a job getting permission for any flight anywhere near Pisa.
Reckon you would be asking for weeks/months trying to get permissions.
I know how bad it was for me to get permission to fly over there during a cruise last year !.

The local municipalities assisted with authorisation for my drones, they were the ones requesting the survey, having the drones registered in country and providing them with our Drone Deploy missions in advance made things easy, we got 150m approval, we did half today with 4 drones and 20 batteries, next sunday we will complete if the weather remains the same…, this week we start processing the first blocks to see if we.missed anything…


Sounds like your sorted then?.

For now yes…