Drone Prix AR?

Anyone try this? I understand its compatible with my Moverios but am wondering if when using it you get any in flight warnings, like if it loses lock and slips into ATTI, low battery warnings etc. I am worried I would get carried away and fly the batteries too low.

Thanks - David

What is it?

An augmented reality racing track for your drone?!

That’s seriously clever :open_mouth: :+1:

Looks amazing… not sure I’d trust where it might lay the course out for you though, it must be intelligent enough to maintain a minimum altitude?!

Anyway, looks great!!

Please don’t crash :slight_smile:

This also works with the Mavic Pro on an IPad - had it on mine for some time now. Not used it since buying my DJI Goggles but feel pretty sure it would work with them.

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