Drone problems - Mavic Pro / RC Linking

Advice needed after acquired a 4th hand Mavic pro with the wrong controller I brought a new one and struggling to connect to the controller and it will only link if the drone is plugged in to computer and I tried to update the drone but it stops on 56% DJI assistant 2

There’s a new version of assistant 2 ( for consumer drones ) dji assistant for consumer drones , ( I think it states mavic ) it might be worth a look , failing that someone on here may be able to point you in the right direction of things to try , good luck hope you get it sorted :+1:t2:

Why was it sold with the wrong controller?

The chap I got the controller from was told. Mini 2 controller was the right one so I guess they’ve all been trying. I bought another controller, I’ve had the drone flying but camera doesn’t seem to work. The little LED light only comes on when drone is connected to computer but when you turn off and re start u have go through procedure again.
On the firmware the first 2 are 100% but up dating stops at 56%

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Thank you for the reply. The main problem is linking/binding this can only be done when the drone is connected to PC then it will fly. Once you turn off then on it won’t connect and yes I press the linking button.

Was that message ment for me I think you meant to send it too @Sparkyws ,

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