Drone registered - but do I still need a pfco?

Hi guys
I’ve been away from my drone for a while, largely due to personal projects, moving house and changes at work. Having passed the exam, I’ve registered my drone and it now has a little sticker on it with my registration / operators ID.

I’ve had a quick scan through the forum but please can someone point me to other threads that explain if there are any changes to being able to undertake paid work. Don’t have anything on the horizon but someone from work said they thought the PFCO wasn’t necessarily needed anymore (which I find very doubtful) as it’s more about assessing flights on a case by case basis? Sorry if I’ve missed many obvious topics and thanks in advance!

HI @Lozzer

PFCO is still required for undertaking commercial work. :+1:

The registration scheme hasnt changed anything on that front.

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Until maybe later this year - keep an eye on this megathread: New EASA drone rules - 1 July 2020 - Discussion


I like the way you call it a megathread - it is an important one though

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Great - thanks guys… it’s all now clear as mud :wink:

I’ll try and have a read through the megathread but short version is "no change for now, no paid work without PfCO… but that might change in July… along with the introduction of more stringent controls for anything that has a camera or capable of recording in general, regardless of weight… " :+1:

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That is it in a nutshell, yes


Maybe this is relevant?


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There is no “might” about it. In July you wont need the PfCO or any other qualification to work professionally with a drone. You’ll need to abide by the stringent rules and you’ll almost certainly need insurance but that is it.