Drone Repair - evaluation service

Hi Guys… Can anyone recommend a service centre for my mavic air which is playing up… sometimes not being responsive to the controller when trying to land with low battery… I recalibrate the IMU and compuss regularly.
I was looking at either Drone Doctor or Drone refresh.co.uk does anyone have any dealing with these companies???.. thanks

These people have been used with good reports from members …


I had a crash repair done on my Mavic Pro through Drone Doctors.
Very pleased with the work they did.
You can arrange for their courier to pick up Drone and get an estimate before proceeding with any work.
Their system is very efficient and they respond to all queries quickly. We get 10% off as members of this site.
They are the only DJI authorised repairer I believe and from what I gathered a lot of other companies act as a third party and send repairs to them.
Probably not the cheapest but I cannot argue with quality of service.
They were excellent with me and the old girl came back with a new lease of life and a report on all testing done.

How long was the turnaround time?

Hi. Turnaround was about a week. All insured courier service. They arrange pick up and delivery.

Can I PM you?